CPaaS – the real BIG BOSS

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), is a technology that allows the developer to easily build services and applications using real-time communication features such as voice, video, chat, and SMS. Integrating all communication facilities into a business application will improve conversion rates in many folds. And delayed communication results in poor customer service and de-growth your sales or service which impacts your business success.  CPaaS industry is expected to grow rapidly to an massive $8.1 billion business by 2019 a great leap from 400 million in 2015 as per statista report, It’s great! CPaaS has revolutionized the way organizations communicate and develop new services. Days of waiting for vendors to roll out new proprietary solutions, or needing to invest in costly new technology to simply add new services are gone. CPaaS offers a ready-to-use development environment in which anyone can create custom communication applications which delivers an opportunity for communicating person-to-person and device-to-device in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the chance to engage with customers to interact in an innovative way.  NewVoiceMedia’s 2018 “Serial Switchers” report reveals that poor customer service is costing businesses more than $75 billion a year. That’s up to $13 billion since its last report in 2016. CEO’s and CMO’s of small and large companies realize and understand the importance of delivering better customer service experience, a level increased importance is shown that product quality and price, which doesn’t mean that quality and price are no longer important. “Customer First” become a mantra in today’s business environment. The report claims, “Brands are failing to create the positive, emotional experiences that drive customer loyalty.” The result is that 67% of customers have become “serial switchers,” customers who are willing to switch brands because of a poor customer experience. Even in today’s technology world, personal, emotive customer interactions play a critical and vital role in connecting the points or bridging the gap. Using amazing technology today the business need to adopt a simple, speedy and enhanced customer service experience to make them feel good and hold on to their customers. With smart planning, creative design, and effective embedding of communications APIs, businesses are doing things that would’ve been too difficult and expensive prior to CPaaS technologies becoming available. This is an enormous improvement compared to earlier days when adding even preliminary communication features to apps took extensive technical work and carrier negotiations. Earlier, a user can take a toll-free number to call a company to inquire about their product or services, however, CPaaS can enhance and engage the customer by having a chat, voice call, video call, sharing documents or images all through smartphone by a tap of a button. A small restaurant, for example, has launched an application integrated into their website, wherein their customer can book a table, but likely couldn’t maintain the infrastructure and carrier relationships needed to send automated SMS appointment reminders within the software. CPaaS can meet that demand by enabling businesses to quickly integrate communications functions into their website or mobile applications and business processes via APIs—without having to build or maintain the required communications infrastructure. Changing to a new technology is always a challenge and take much cost and time. However, businesses can easily jump right in with CPaaS at a minimal cost as it is cloud-based and provider-based thus reducing your CapEx. Instead of limiting the technology to companies that can afford it, companies of all sizes can deploy cutting-edge CPaaS innovations and pay only for the services they need and use, such as SMS, voice call, video call, video call, send email or file sharing and so on. All these can be integrated, tested, and pushed to users in the fastest turnaround time than any in-house development. In this case, the restaurant can use CPaaS to easily provision virtual numbers for their SMS appointment reminder feature, while the multinational enterprise could build their in-app support call feature without overspending on the required infrastructure. Authentication is another pain area where companies can benefit from using a CPaaS. Industries such as hospitality, financial institutions, healthcare, and government can use a CPaaS to implement password verification procedures to minimize fraud and identity theft.  As the market learn that innovative customer experiences can be created with this technology, I am sure that CPaaS will grow higher in any company digital strategy chart.  LyvConnect, a CPaaS solution from us will offer a flexible solution that gives greater scalability while reducing no infrastructure cost, time to implementation, meaning a faster route to the enhanced customer experience. Finally, it’s great news for the consumer. The world of convenient and contextual communications will soon become the norm and not the exception. Now, you agree that CPaaS – the BIG BOSS of Communication Industry. Go Beyond is just a word. Grow your business with a NEXT-GEN Communication Technology Solution. Reach us to experience “LyvConnect” – an innovate CPaaS solution.  LyvConnect is offered in partnership with M800, a leading Communication Platform as a Service provider that offers solutions to enhance communication through a globally distributed architecture. Also join our LinkedIn group “CPaaS Discussion”

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