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Quality Assurance as an ART

Quality Assurance & Testing is an important and integral part of any technical development process. With 4 plus years of experience in bringing Quality Assurance, we have emerged as a trusted Quality Assurance partner of several enterprises world-wide. We provide Integrated Quality Analytics to help you take quick and smart decisions for  improvement which can deliver high quality systems with efficiency.

We use an exhaustive checklist to adhere to guidelines and standards of testing to ensure the products meet the highest quality standards –– both functional and nonfunctional. Our Quality Assurance services are aligned seamlessly with Agile and Hybrid development methodologies. Our experience spans across a wide spectrum of expertise ranging from manual to automated testing and across various mediums like desktop, web, mobile, tablets, & wearable devices.

  • Expertise in consulting and building end-to-end customized QA solutions
  • World-wide Onshore/Offshore testing services
  • 92% consistent test effectiveness
  • Ready-to-use frameworks for Web, API and mobile interfaces on automation reduces 50% efforts
  • 100% Agile and DevOps aligned teams

Key Services

360° Testing Solutions

Aberame always adopt an approach involving the testing team right from project initiation phase, thus ensuring thorough product knowledge resulting in clear expectation of results through well articulated test-cases and methodologies.


Flexi QA services

Affordable, flexible and professional testing services to suit your software project testing requirements. Choose instant testing solutions from a wide range of monthly and yearly subscription plans.

Global Virtual QA

Manage Your Testing Easier and Simpler, Now!
Our on-demand, qualified professional software testers present globally can take up your testing tasks on all types of real devices, under real-world environment.

we deliver

Unique blend of industry specific QA solutions

Uncompromising Quality

"Quality as top priority" approach helps ensure quality at every phase of the testing life cycle and we deliver it.


We understand this reality and provide an array of resourcing models designed to deliver the right services when you need them.

Time to market

Our innovative quality solutions are designed to save precious time from each phase of delivery.

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